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Delegate with us !

We are passionate about blockchain technology and we love the Wanchain vision, we are sure that they will revolutionize finance system and that they will greatly participate of the developpment of a new decentralized financial world.

Safe & Secure

Using redudant server infrastructure we garanted 7x24 UP time server, your stacking funds are safe and securely stored in a smart contract !

Anonymous & Together

No KYC needed ! Together, we secure the Wanchain network in total anonymity and earn 10~15% yearly with daily passif income rewards !

High Performance

Powerful server with high performance using CPUs Intel Xeon, SSD hardware, high bandwith, 64GB ECC ram etc... to provide the best experience for our community !

Stability & Monitoring

Our team carefully manage the server with the last update protocol, we love stability, we are using Icinga2, Grafana, Collectd, Ansible & Gitlab for the best monitoring & automated experiences.

Auto Renew & Payments

We garanted fast and automated daily payout without any inconvenience, we also enable auto renew. You can relaxe and see your daily income to your Wanchain wallet without any stress !

Community Support

Our support team will glad to reply to you shortly, we want our community to be able to ask us any questions at any time and provide you the best answer possible !

Stacking WAN together and earn 10~15% yearly with daily income !

Wanchain provides the economic infrastructure for developers to build super financial applications that span multiple blockchains and communities.

What mean Wanchain ?

“Wan” means “ten thousand” in Chinese, so the brand name ‘Wanchain’ translates to “ten thousand blockchains”.

Wanchain refers ?

WAN refers to the ‘Wide Area Network’ in network terminology, Wanchain building a interoperable network of many blockchains.


How to stacking WAN using Wanchain Wallet ?


Start stacking your WAN today with ! Together we protect the Wanchain Network, our teams will take care of the node for you!

  1. Download Wanchain Desktop Light wallet
  2. Select on the validators list
  3. Stacking your WAN and earn daily income

Wanchain wallet

To get started, you simply need to download the Wanchain Desktop Light wallet here. Once installed, you must create an account and by very carefully saving your private 12 words phrase.

Wanchain Validators

You will need a minimum of 100 WAN to be able to start stacking, then go to the Galaxy POS menu and then to Delegation. Just click on New Delegation button and select

Delegate & Stacking

Once your delegation is complete, you can relax and receive your rewards, You can deposite and withdrawal your WAN at anytime, no lock period required.

Any question, suggestion feel free to contact us !

Our support will do his best to reply to you shortly !


Wanchain Vision


With Wanchain, public or private blockchains can interact with each other and thus guarantee numerous transfers between several blockchains, including CATA, CDEX and CDAT. Wanchain allows total anonymity of a transaction